I am guessing that if you are reading this, you also have an interest in the "real", in the "authentic", in the "ordinary". I am guessing that you value all the above very much and would actually love to have some of those moments captured professionally. If you have come to my page, you also recognise photography as more than just pressing buttons. You are prepared to invest now so that you can reap the benefits of memories preserved for decades to come. 
So far, if I am honest, what I have truly enjoyed the most about working as a photographer, is how I end up working with people from such varying background, faiths, cultures and aspirations. But whoever you are, wherever you come from, I hope that you love:
- Authentic, natural images
- Story telling photography
- Photographs that take you back to real moments, not contrived ones
- Real emotion, whether all good (or some bad) (Your two year old having a tantrum is real life!)
- Want to celebrate your "Ying Yang" too...
- And if you are looking for wedding photography, you'll love someone who is discreet, sensitive and committed to helping you preserve one of the most important days of your life.


Photography has been a passion of mine since the age of 15. I still remember riding my moped for hours in search of the perfect spot to capture sunsets. Weird how now 25 years later, I'm finally listening to my heart and making the most of what truly gets my soul on fire.
After a decade in the education sector as a teacher and deputy head, I have accrued a considerable amount of experience working with people of all ages, backgrounds, needs and strengths. There was not a year that went passed when I didn't learn something new. I like keeping myself busy! But eventually, 65 hour weeks took their toll and I decided to call it quits and turn my attention to a simpler but much more rewarding life. Family photography, wedding photography and birth photography, with a few events thrown in here and there are what I love doing. And it's so nice that all of that experience working with people is now paying off. 
My work has been recognised at a local, national and now international level which I am deeply thankful for. From the Royal Photographic Society, to the Documentary Photography Awards, I am really proud to have received recognition for my work. It's always nice to be told we are doing well... but what brings the most reward is knowing that many people out there "get me" and what I am setting out to do. 


I am Emily Renier, an award-winning photographer based in Hertfordshire, England. I am passionate about representing the real and the ordinary of our lives using a sensitive story-telling approach.  I am also a candid portrait photographer who delivers strong portrait images celebrating my subject's personality. I am therefore able to preserve memories and create keepsakes that can be looked back on in decades to come. 

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