Those who inspire me...


Steve Smith FRPS

Steve has served on the RPS Visual Arts panel and is a current member of the Pictorial Panel. He was elected to the London Salon in 2016 and is a member of Arena.

Solo exhibitions of Steve's work have been held in Cuba, London, Scotland and Bath and has been involved with numerous other international exhibitions. His work has been published in various publications and is a past winner of the AOP Open Award.

Although best known for his black and white Cuban images he currently concentrates on street photography with the mixed medium of film and digital.


I first met Steve when I submitted my first LRPS panel for initial feedback. I brought 20 images, 4 passed. Needless to say it was a shock to the system. Honest and constructive feedback in the world of photography is like gold dust. To ensure I didn't leave the day completely discouraged, Steve invited me along to his camera club in Amersham (Bucks) assuring me I did have an eye and that if I wanted to improve, I needed to persevere. I have since been extremely lucky to have some mentoring sessions with him looking at bodies of work. It's fair to say that his eye for detail and his incredible instinct for what "quality" looks like has enabled me to take my understanding of composition to a whole other level.


Keving Mullins - Official Fujifilm Ambassador

"One of the top 5 wedding photographers in the world" Scott Bourne

I first came across Kevin Mullins over a year ago, at the Photography Show in Birmingham. I had spent all day listening to pros on various stages telling us, the audience, what photographers must do or mustn't do. I had left Kevin's talk til last before heading home. I nearly didn't go. By the time I sat down I was feeling pretty disheartened: I had spent all day more or less fearing that I just wasn't good enough, that my photographic skills were just too weak, that my gear was too limiting. I had heard of wedding and family photojournalism before and, to be honest, I think that my approach had always been akin to this genre. Needless to say that by the time his talk was over, I was literally moved to tears. Not just because of the images I had been confronted with but because I had finally found validation for my style, for my innate interest into capturing moments, capturing the ordinary, without pretence, without aggression, but with humanity, with integrity. I have since attended a couple of Mullins Workshop and I am now starting a year of 1-2-1 mentoring with him. Since my first session with him over six months ago, my skills have improved ten fold and I am starting to find my own voice.