My "Why"...

Hello, I’m Emily. I’m a documentary photographer. For me, this means I love celebrating authentic moments. Intensely.
Did you know that cases of anxiety and depression have risen steadily over the last 60 years? A whopping 8 million of us in the UK suffer or have suffered from a condition that can be truly debilitating. And here is a cheery thought... suicide is the biggest killer of young people in Britain... 
There is overwhelming evidence to show that we are becoming a generation that is forgetting to love "moments", forgetting to love the ordinary, forgetting to love the "real". 5 year olds are already established consumers always wanting the next gadget; 11 year olds stress about their SATs results (actually, their parents do, so their kids do too); our 16-24 year olds are reported to be the loneliest group of our society; early 30 year olds kill themselves trying to achieve their career ideals whilst at the same time needing to be "perfect parents", and so it goes on... every generation tries to aim for something that is slightly beyond their grasp. Earn a little more, to buy a little more, to be a little more happy. Except it appears that behind all the social media rose-tinted images we post... we're not...
So this is why I love moments. I went through the cycle above... and  for a while, I forgot to love these moments , I forgot to love the ordinary (and sometimes still do!).  So now my mission is to  help those around me love their moments, but most of all, help them  value and celebrate their ordinary, their real, just so that we remember that life is made of black and white, of yings and yangs, of happiness and sadness, and that it's okay that not everything is perfect all of the time.
So if you too are getting fed up with the pursuit of perfection, the fake happiness, fake insta lives and fake smiles, and just want your real captured, celebrated and preserved, give me a bell!

Emily R.


I am Emily Renier, an award-winning photographer based in Hertfordshire, England. I am passionate about representing the real and the ordinary of our lives using a sensitive story-telling approach.  I am also a candid portrait photographer who delivers strong portrait images celebrating my subject's personality. I am therefore able to preserve memories and create keepsakes that can be looked back on in decades to come. 

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