Personal projects

Initially, my background is street photography and travel photography.


Pursuing personal projects is very important for me and actually essential. I give myself the freedom I need to explore different genres, styles, approaches and thus manage to develop my skills day on day. I hope to never stop learning. I passionately believe in putting myself in situations so that my thinking is continuously challenged.

Photographing and documenting life in other countries has a way of giving me that precious perspective I can sometimes lack when back home. I will always have a passion for documentary family and wedding photography; travelling gives me a chance to appreciate what"real" and "ordinary" looks like, sometimes, thousands of miles away.

So above is an example of the sort of work I like to produce just for myself.


I am Emily Renier, an award-winning photographer based in Hertfordshire, England. I am passionate about representing the real and the ordinary of our lives using a sensitive story-telling approach.  I am also a candid portrait photographer who delivers strong portrait images celebrating my subject's personality. I am therefore able to preserve memories and create keepsakes that can be looked back on in decades to come. 

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