Telling stories with moments

When I decide to shoot an event, a wedding, a family do or even a completely ordinary day, I want to build a story. A powerful story that is made of those precious little moments. 
So here is a couple of examples of those stories I try to tell.
My generally un-cropped and candid style is something I am very much committed to. Both in monochrome and colour, images are generally positive but that said, I strongly believe in portraying life (especially family life) in a balanced way, in a realistic way. I expect not many of you would want pictures of yourselves or little ones having an argument, or crying, or just cleaning, but wouldn't we all be much happier if we stopped expecting so much out of life all the time and just accepting what we've got - the beauty of the ordinary. 
If you like what you see and you'd quite like your ordinary story captured and celebrated, get in touch!
Otherwise, you can head over to my blog or FAQs.

Emily R.


I am Emily Renier, an award-winning photographer based in Hertfordshire, England. I am passionate about representing the real and the ordinary of our lives using a sensitive story-telling approach.  I am also a candid portrait photographer who delivers strong portrait images celebrating my subject's personality. I am therefore able to preserve memories and create keepsakes that can be looked back on in decades to come. 

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