Wedding Photography

I absolutely love photographing weddings because those events are packed with real emotions and authentic moments, so they are the ideal setting for me, as a reportage photographer


I cannot stress enough my passion for capturing the "real". In a wedding, there is no need to engineer the "real". It is all there. So I am certainly not going to be the bossy photographer who spends her day directing you and your guest. You may want a limited number of formal group shots, and I can produce those. However, my strength lies in finding the beautiful in the ordinary. The beautiful in the real. The beautiful in any given moment. At the risk of sounding like a cliché, love IS beautiful. Capturing those moments, the ones that very few people see, the ones that really tell your story, really tell who you are, really tell your love for your spouse and for your friends and family members... that, for me, is the most important. This means your guests may not even realise that there is a professional photographer around. Working discreetly around you so that YOU can focus on YOUR day is an essential aspect of my approach.

Why not have a browse through the gallery below. As you may have worked out, story telling, as a wedding photographer, is so important to me. So when processing your photos, I very much decide on my method depending on who you are and the wedding you had. I do not think that one method fits all. I spend a few days working on and polishing your story to ensure that it reflects the day as beautifully as possible. I will take, on average, up to 4000 shots on an average wedding and cull that down to around 400 images to produce a story that you and your family will be able to look back on for decades to come

Thinking about hiring a videographer too? I also offer a photofilm service. This would involve me recording all the special sounds from your wedding day (bells ringing, laughter, your vows, speeches etc) and adding them to a slideshow to create a fantastic keepsake for not just you but all those involved in your wedding day. So whilst I don't offer videography, I do offer something pretty special in that you will be able to look back on my film and listen to the voices of your close ones for years to come, I guess as you would with moving images.


As mentioned before, first and foremost, I am a story teller.  For me wedding photography should be renamed wedding story-telling. Whilst I will produce those individual shots you will want printed and framed on your walls at home, I love to produce stories that are told through your wedding. The story of your long-lost aunt who came back from Australia just for your big day. The story of your relationship with your outspoken 96 year old grandmother who you so adore. The story of your father's embarrassing dancing styles. The story of your 6 year old cousin or niece or sister who can't stop twirling because she has been looking forward to being your bridesmaid ever since you asked her. The story of your best friends who love to embarrass you because that's what old friends do. Or the story of a quiet wedding day because you are quite happy with a small-scaled event. Whatever it is, it is  YOUR story and with my passion as a story-teller, I can create an insightful and meaningful account of your big day. Here are a couple of examples.

I don't yet offer videography. However, I did have a go at filming a wedding recently when I attended one in a different capacity - that of bridesmaid! (hence why the filming of the actual ceremony is different). So I choose to share the following film I created purely as another example of the story-telling aspect of my work. If you have a mo, take a look. I am no professional videographer, but I am a professional story-teller and I hope it shows. 


I am Emily Renier, an award-winning photographer based in Hertfordshire, England. I am passionate about representing the real and the ordinary of our lives using a sensitive story-telling approach.  I am also a candid portrait photographer who delivers strong portrait images celebrating my subject's personality. I am therefore able to preserve memories and create keepsakes that can be looked back on in decades to come. 

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